Gregory Drugan Motivates Volleyball Students to Give Winning Performance

27oct-1-state-champions-volleyball-copyGregory Drugan has worked as a volleyball coach from past several years. He has been a role model to number of trained students who learned how to play volleyball with right attitude and make the most of their skills. Gregory believes that the skills of the students need to be honed under the right guidance so that they can perform best at their chosen sport. The role of a coach is not just coaching. He has number of duties to perform and varied roles to play such as a motivator, an instructor, an advisor, a friend, a mentor, an organizer and many more which actually relates to the situation how it is required. Polishing a raw talent of an individual into a skilled volleyball player summarizes the efforts required by a volleyball coach, says Gregory Drugan.

Volleyball has been defined as team effort where two teams are separated with a volleyball net targeting to achieve the highest score for winning. To make a team effort successful, there is a lot of patience and hard work included in a player’s


Primary Abilities for Volleyball

nbc-volleyball-camp-intensityThe hardest problem that a team of volleyball players can be in is to be present at a game without having the knowledge about the skills required to succeed in the game. Ball hitting, being in the proper position and playing with a competitive edge can be of assistance in winning the game and gaining confidence as well. By being focused on the fundamentals of volleyball you would be able to attain the skills needed for each and every game.

  1. Serving. This enables the game to begin and aids in keeping the game. Two basic kinds of serves are there. First is the overhand; where the ball is thrown in the air by the player first and then it is hit. The other is underhand, where the server usually holds the ball and hits the ball with the other arm by swinging it underneath the ball. There are numerous other serves apart from these two fundamental kinds, and all the serves assist in getting the ball to pass over the net and start the game.
  2. Pass or reception. Normally, this is done

Beach Volley Gear and Volleyball Training Videos Can be Purchased at the Shop


Anyone who is competing in volleyball competitions will need to have some sort of training. They will also need certain types of gear and clothing to wear while they are playing their favorite sport. Some people will choose to purchase volleyball training videos from the shop to start out their training.

The volleyball shop has a lot of different products to help someone’s game. The players can purchase a lot of different types of things to help them. They may look at training videos or books to keep their strength up where they need it to be.

Not everyone is a fan of playing volleyball on the beach but there are a lot of people that love it. Beach volley can be very competitive among men and women. Everyone wants to have fun at the beach and when they can throw a little competition in, it makes it more exciting.

Not everyone is going to rely on videos for their volleyball training. They may hire a coach to help them master their game. They will learn different things that they need to do


Five Fishing Techniques And Tips to Ensure You Get a Great Catc

Fishing is not rocket science or mechanics. There is no set amount of rules which you learn and expect thing to fall into place the next time. Its not like science which operates under Laws, Rules and Theorems. It is rather a form of art. This is something to be experienced each and every time you go fishing. Fishing is like an art form which, if you get adept in it, you can reap the benefits all through the life. However, there are some tips and techniques which can make your life easier and the duration of fishing enjoyable at the same time. Therefore, without any further ado, here are those tips.

First of all, fish can be found in fresh water as well as in saltwater. It is up to you where you wish to go to get one. However, if you wish to go to lakes and rivers for freshwater fishing, then there are a few things to be remembered. You need to go to deep water in order to land a catch. It is in these places that they like to gather for finding food.

Secondly, think about using lures or baits which are shiny. Fish as drawn by

What Are Electric Golf Trolleys?

An electric golf trolley is basically nothing but a electric battery powered cart which is designed in a manner that the golfers need not carry their clubs, golf bags and other golf equipment along with them physically and nor hire a caddy to take them for them. The electric golf trolley is actually a cart which carries all the supplies on the golfer’s behalf and minus the physical pain of manually pushing a trolley!

Where to find them and the details

The next valid point is where and how to get hold of an electric golf trolley and the answer lies in the specialized and authorized electric golf trolley suppliers whose information are readily available on the internet.

The advantages of electric golf trolleys

Apart from the fact that it is relatively less cumbersome for a golfer to carry the entire golf supplies alone or hire an extra man to do that for him, these electric golf trolleys are loaded with special features and battery life as per one’s preference. The higher priced electric golf trolleys exhibit features such as GPS cradle, battery meter, USB charging point and a digital LCD color screen too, which is worth every penny invested! However,

Gulmohar Greens Golf & Country Club Seeks to Offer The Good Life in Ahmedabad

Spread over 75 acres, Gulmohar Greens is a mix of activities and sports, along with luxurious accommodation which will rejuvenate your body and soul. The main attraction of the club is a 9 hole golf course with the facility of leisure, play and professional coaching. Promoted by Parikh Group, the club offers many other facilities like athletic jogging track, indoor and outdoor sports, restaurants, party lawns, and banquet and conference halls. The club is located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad and in the neighbourhood of the prestigious Nano project, which reduces the hassle of commuting and allows you to be close to the city.

The club is a brainchild of architects like Shri Nimish Patel and Smt. Parul Zaveri, who are globally renowned for their iconic creation – Udaivilas, Udaipur. The golf course has been designed by Late Col. K.D. Bagga, founder of Bagga’s Golf Management Group. Parikh Group had roped in team of professionals to advice and consult on all aspects of the club’s functioning. The club has a golf superintendent to give tips on maintenance and for upgrading at regular intervals.

The aim of Gulmohar Greens is to make its name synonymous with best-in-class services and premier

Adjust a Sick Swing

I had just nursed a month-long respiratory virus. The culprit was a serious case of bronchitis complicated by a cough that sounded like Godzilla’s roars. Late in my recovery, I decided to take advantage of a cool fall day and pay a visit to the practice range. Much to my amazement, I was able to launch a number of decent drives down the middle into 250-yard range. If I ended my story there, I would not have been totally honest with you. Here’s what really happened.

On that day, I practiced as I would normally do, using what I call a descending sequence. If you were to picture a pyramid, the top is narrower than the bottom. I began at the top with 5-iron practice. It’s a forgiving club and allows the golfer to make small adjustments easily, such as hand position on the grip and ability to make adjustments on the closure of the club face, and feet alignment. Due to my physical state, I didn’t want to go for power; I merely wanted to feel the club in my hand again and mentally review the mechanics of my swing. I’m not afraid to say that I didn’t strike all

5 Major Things to Consider Before You Buy Golf Range Equipment

Golf is a passionate game and a golfer knows how it feels when you are on the field and hit is high to win the match. So, many service providers are coming up with golf supplies for the clubs and other golfers. These supplies also play an important part in the golf game and it will give you the desired result. Using the other golf supplies is not a bad idea because you will need them to fulfill your purpose. Check out the points that can give you a good supplier and use them as per the requirement.

Items are durable- Do you want to play golf without any hassle? Well, here come the supplies that are durable and long lasting. No matter how much you use these equipments, they are not meant to be easily broken. The suppliers claim to be the best in the matter of the product, but how can you be sure until and unless you check the products with your eyes. Go and check the durability of the product to have a fun use of the supplies and play the game without any interruptions.

Easy Installation- The providers always give you easy to install service for the